buy-at-amazon-karen-black-authorKaren's fifth book is her autobiography, a refreshingly frank, fascinating tale of abandonment, murder, love, betrayal, tragic losses, difficult choices, resilience, courage, perseverance and gritty determination.

Reviewers’ Comments:

“Your life story reads like a novel. From a stark early life, born in a charity hospital, abandoned by your father before you were two, living with your grandparents on an Oklahoma cotton farm, an abusive alcoholic stepfather, married at 16, and a struggling single mom ten years later, pushing gender barriers—you pulled yourself up by your bootstraps to enjoy a successful and satisfying life, including interaction with celebrities, foreign diplomats, politicians, and presidents.”

“Your book is an in-depth look at a time in history many never knew, and others have forgotten. Imagine driving a tractor, picking cotton and playing poker at five years old, becoming a successful motorcycle dealer, walking with and petting lions in Africa, traveling to all seven continents, and sky diving at 80!”

“Your story is one readers will find inspiring, particularly women. You truly are a woman of substance—bold, fearless, strong and determined.”